I could do this all day

Skiing vs Sex.  For me it’s a hard one (wahey).  But let’s put it this way: I’ve never regretted a day of skiing.

So on that note, here’s 10 reasons why skiing is better than sex:

  1. Skis and poles stay long and hard all day every day
  2. You can stop halfway through to take a break without offending anyone
  3. You can ride hard all day long if you want
  4. No one ever got pregnant from skiing
  5. The only protection you need to worry about is a helmet
  6. No foreplay required
  7. Guaranteed to get better the more you do it
  8. Talking about wax, boots, gloves and lube makes you sound cool not pervy
  9. The only wet white stuff you’ll experience is melted snow
  10. You can reach speeds of over 90kmph.  Try doing that in the bedroom…