Everyone loves a bad boy

It’s true.  As much as girls will say that they hate playing games, hate being ignored, and that all they want is for a guy to treat them like a lady, there will always be a part of us that is a little bit thrilled by a bad boy.

Of course, this will only ever be a short-term thing.  Unless your name is Rihanna, no one wants to marry Bad Boy.  Mr Nice Guy will come along eventually.  But before then, let’s have a little fun and excitement.  Bad Boy may come in many guises, not just your stereotypical tattooed biker with a shaved head and multiple piercings.  Bad Boy may appear squeaky clean on the outside, but have drug and alcohol issues.  Bad Boy may appear to be normal, but have a habit for treating you to complete radio silence for weeks at a time.  Bad Boy may be a respected member of the office, but have rather 50 Shades of Grey tendencies.  But all Bad Boys are one thing: irresistibly sexy.  And this overriding sex appeal is the reason why we put up with them, for a short while at least.

Then behind the sex comes the rather deluded belief that we might be able to turn Bad Boy into Mr Nice Guy.  Trust me, I’ve had first-hand experience of this.  If you stick it out long enough, Bad Boy will ditch the dodgy habits, he’ll stop disappearing, and start to treat you like he actually gives a shit.  But at the same time keeping that edgy sexiness.  Et voila, you have the perfect blend of marriage material and tear-his-clothes-off-with-your-teeth-ness.

Dream on.

Like I said, been there, tried that, and it simply doesn’t happen.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t sworn off bad boys.  In fact, anyone resembling Mr Nice Guy at the moment will get shown the door very quickly.  But I think that we (and I mean women) need to realise that Bad Boy will very rarely turn into Boyfriend.  Great for some unbridled passion and an injection of excitement, amazing for experiencing something thrilling and new, but not much beyond that.  After all, the bad boys are always the hardest ones to leave, but you’ll always be glad that it ended (eventually).


It tends to be the bad boys who shape us in more memorable ways.  My own Bad Boy experience taught me that no amount of begging will make a man change his ways, and that no man is ever worth cutting yourself off from the people who love you.  Granted, some bad boys are worse than others, and not all of them are going to lead you to a life of ruin and destruction.  Some bad boys can actually bring out some positive sides to your character that then stay there long after he’s gone.  Then there’s the thrill of the chase.  Yes boys that’s right, girls can be just as bad as you.  I know I’m not the only one who gets turned off by a guy who gets in touch too soon and too much.  Where’s the mystery?  Where’s the intrigue?  Mr Nice Guy can wait.

But overall, Bad Boy will only ever be a phase.  A wonderful, scary, heart-pounding phase, and one that we’ll all look back on in years to come and think, ‘I wonder where he is now’.