Please let me wear my bra, PLEASE!

Has the lingerie industry recently stopped production?  Is there an anit-bra movement that I’m unaware of?  Because it seems that nearly every celebrity female has given up on wearing the things recently.


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Fashion has given us many un-wearable trends (Alexander McQueen’s ‘bumster’ jeans, anyone?) but this new idea that women should go out in attire that is slashed to the navel and doesn’t allow any form of mammary support really upsets me.  I, along with a vast proportion of the female population, cannot go bra-less.  30E doesn’t work without underwiring and sturdy straps.  I hate to think what might happen if I wore one of those dresses and then proceeded to bust out some energetic moves on the dance floor.  My fellow drinkers might get to see a lot more than they originally bargained for…  Also, it’s COLD outside!  Unless you want to be poked in the eye by erect nipples left right and centre, this whole ‘go free’ fashion really needs some re-thinking.

Fine, if you have the body and boobs of a Victoria’s Secret model (who were, like, totally nailing the bra-less look last night at their after-show party – slightly ironic I think) and are happy letting the gals be released, by all means go for it.  I also don’t dispute that these outfits can look amazing on the right person, and there’s probably a bit of jealousy tied up in this resentment.  Us well-endowed ladies are denied a whole host of trends such as backless and strapless, and now frontless can be added to that list.

But this is the real world, and we’re not supermodels with small perky breasts that don’t threaten to whack you in the jaw when you run.

So now the fashion industry can add ‘boob-less’ to its long and anorexia-inducing litany of preferences that already include tall and skinny.  FML.


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